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Kevin Eric Smith ,

How does urine pH affect Gout dissociation?

At a pH of 5, the urine is saturated at 60 mg/L (it will carry 60mg/L of uric acid in the form of urate). Conversely, at a urine pH of 6, the urine is saturated at 220mg/L, 160mg more of dissociated uric acid. You can drastically alter the solubility of uric acid simply by changing urinary pH. This is the basis of natural management and achieved through a better understanding of how our diet and lifestyle affects this process.

At a pH equal to the pKa, uric acid and urate exist in equivalent proportions as a consequence of the Henderson-Hasselbach equation. Hence, if 200mg of urate were introduced into a 1-L aqueous solution with a pH of 5.5 at 37 degree C, 100 mg would become uric acid, and the remainder would continue to be urate. In contrast, if 1200mg of urate were instilled into a similar volume at a pH of 6.5, 1100mg would remain in the soluble urate form. These relationships are based on the upswing of the uric acid dissociation curve at this pH, which plateaus at a pH of approximately 7.2.

When food is metabolized in the body the useable nutrients are removed and we are left with an ash-like residue. The ash producing elements are either absorbed or eliminated. This ash can have an acidic, alkalic, or neutral effect on the body's chemistry. Alkaline ash leaves minerals the body can use to neutralize excess dietary acid. Alkalic ash is desired because our bodies must remain slightly alkaline. Acid ash, on the other hand, leaves behind minerals that in excess can have a negative effect on our health. Foods elevated in sulfur, chloride, nitrogen, and phosphorus have an acidifying effect on the body. These foods also produce large amounts of ammonia. Proteins, notably animal protein, provide markedly higher levels of these acidic elements.

Acidifying elements must be neutralized in order to maintain a healthy pH balance in the body. Alkaline minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium serve this very purpose. These elements are found most abundantly in plant foods. The body will store these minerals and release when necessary to maintain pH balance. Bones are the primary source of calcium, potassium, and magnesium. The body is capable of handling moderate amounts of acidifying foods. However, if most of the food we consume leaves an acid ash, the body will continually draw alkalizing elements from its reserves, depleting these vital minerals. The result is acidosis.

Acidosis leads to loss of calcium and weakening of the bones (Osteoporosis), degeneration of joints (Arthritis), precipitation of calcium in body tissues (kidney stones and Gout), and the development of bone spurs. Body chemistry is constantly on the edge of its limitations, which creates tremendous stress. This stress facilitates the degeneration of body tissue and weakens the immune system; thereby increasing susceptibility to disease and affecting the overall day to day body functions.

Bring your pH into balance with your diet, water intake, and the right combination of herbs/antioxidants. These will help purify the blood, boost kidney and liver function, and eliminate acidic toxins from the body.

Gout Care Product &<br>How GC Works
Flamasil for Chronic Inflammation <br>and Joint Pain
Gout Care Product &<br>How GC Works

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GC GoutCare
Flamasil for Chronic Inflammation & Joint Pain
Flamasil for Chronic Inflammation <br>and Joint Pain

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Flamasil for Chronic Inflammation & Joint Pain

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