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Kevin Eric Smith ,

How does pH affect our body and our health?

Acidic and Alkaline balance is essential to our health:

Prolonged, unhealthy pH levels in the body can cause disease. Acidosis, an overly-acidic body environment, or Alkalosis, an overly-alkaline body environment, can result from pH imbalances.

Alkalosis is rare by comparison and can actually stem from the use of alkalizing medications such as anti-heartburn drugs. Chronic vomiting and diarrhea can also lead to this condition. Alkalosis occurs after prolonged periods of time the body is starved of enough acids to maintain a necessary balance. Alkalosis can have a majorly negative impact on the central nervous system.

Conversely, Acidosis is far more common and stems from prolonged periods of time the body is starved of enough alkaline buffers to maintain a healthy pH balance. When this acid build-up evolves to the point where the body can no longer neutralize these acids, disease, or even death, becomes an imminent danger. Acidosis can lead to accelerated aging, fatigue, enzyme activity impairment, demineralization (bones/teeth/organs suffer), inflammation
, organ damage, and even allow for harmful microorganism growth such as bacteria, molds, fungus, yeasts (candida), molds, and viruses.

Many are told that our bodies will naturally correct our pH in order to maintain balance. This holds true in the short-term where the body is able to obtain alkaline resources such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium from the bones and organs in order to provide the buffers that neutralize the body's acidity. However, prolonged acidity levels cause too much "mineral robbing" and ultimately leads to demineralization. Ever heard of the phrase, "robbing Peter to pay Paul?" In this case, it is essential that we repay the body with healthy, pH balanced diets and lifestyles to create a mineral rich and balanced environment in which disease is unable to flourish.

Many of us are already suffering from dangerous imbalances and in dire need to address these issues. In order to prevent disease, and/or control the conditions already present, we must provide the body with a balanced diet and supplement in vitamins, minerals, and herbs that can rebuild our storages, support and strengthen the organs, and begin the healing process.

How does your urine pH affects Gout Dissociation?

How does Acidosis cause:

Fatigue: When the body enters into a chronically acidic state our cells, tissues, and organs become oxygen deprived. This inhibits our body's ability to carry out essential functions and diminishes crucial communication between the major systems of the body. Nutrient absorption is affected, cell repair is limited, organ activity begins to breakdown and the body's energy level takes a dive.

Accelerated Aging: Cell structure is directly affected by overly-acidic body environment. Pre-mature cell death affects elastin, collagen, and even brain neurons. This affects not only our skin, but our brain's ability to process and remember day to day activity.

activity is essential to basically every function our body performs -- from breathing to thinking to physically moving our bodies. This activity is impaired in a chronically acidic environment. If left unchecked the illnesses this impairment creates can become life-threatening.

Demineralization can occur when the body's natural resources have been drawn from for far too long. Our body will naturally pull minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium in an effort to buffer and neutralize acids. In cases of chronic acidosis these storages can become depleted and pose serious health risks. The organs suffer, the bones suffer, and even your teeth can be affected.

Harmful bacteria growth can occur is cases of chronic acidosis as this environment is a perfect host for harmful microorganisms to naturally proliferate. Oxygen rich environments naturally inhibit unfriendly invaders
, including cancer cells which cannot survive in the presence of a balanced pH system.

Inflammation and Organ Damage: Acids are eliminated by both the skin and the kidneys and can become affected by the presence of chronic acidosis. Skin conditions such as eczema can occur and bladder inflammation that results in urinary infections become more prevalent. Chronic acidosis can lead to lesions and hardening of the organ's tissues. Inflammation from acid build up can take place in just about any part of the body. This is how we've come to understand that inflammation
is at the heart of just about any disease imaginable.

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