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Frequently asked Gout questions

Get Control Of Your Gout & Inflammation Today- We have the solutions you have been looking for!

Q. Are your products FDA approved?

A: The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not approve nor disapprove of any dietary supplements, such as Flamasil® and GC® GoutCare, since it is not within their responsibility. The FDA only endorses pharmaceutical drugs, and products are a blend of natural herbs and food substances. That said, the FDA does oversee the manufacturing of all dietary supplements to ensure safety and consistent quality.

Q. I read that some herbs can be harmful or even dangerous. Is there anything in your blends I should be concerned about?

A: The herbs in our Flamasil® and GC® GoutCare were chosen not only for their safety, but for their benefits. They are all completely safe and promote good liver, kidney, digestive and blood health. Below is a list of herbs to be cautious with, according to the FDA. Even though the FDA does not regulate vitamins and herbs, they do issue warnings when necessary.

Q. There was a study of nearly 50,000 men over 12 years, comparing those who got gout with those who didn't. What were the key findings? Specifically the study showed the consumption of meat, particularly red meat, significantly increased the risk of gout, and that consumption of all types of seafood that we investigated tended to carry an even higher risk. Notably, NO INCREASED RISK was seen with the consumption of purine-rich vegetables, which include peas, beans, mushrooms, cauliflower and spinach, and again, no association with the overall protein intake. The study found a protective effect from vegetable and dairy proteins. Further, the report discovered that increased consumption of low-fat dairy products strongly reduced the risk of gout. If this is true, why do you want me to avoid these foods during my initial healing stage?

A: The article asserts there is an 'increased risk', which is not referring to someone under an acute attack.

95% of the time we are dealing with clients that are already under an attack. Being under an attack is like having a glass of water filled to the brim. Any additional water added, is going to be a problem for the glass to hold. Under normal circumstances, these foods may not create uric acid faster than your system can expel it. However, once the blood is hyper-saturated and the connective tissues have crystallized uric acid within, these foods could certainly prove problematic during this stage of hyperuricemia. Anyone who has had past attacks should start off with a careful, cleansing style diet when beginning either of the Gout herbal blends, Flamasil® and GC® GoutCare. This will allow the herbs to first focus on dissolving any stored uric acid that lies in the connective tissue, even if one is not under an attack at the time they begin.

Q: Once an attack has subsided, what kind of diet can I expect to eat?

A: By establishing a healthier digestive system, most all foods can be consumed in moderation, without the fear of a gout attack. Our herbal blends can help provide stability to the digestive tract. It is imperative that we, gout and inflammation sufferers, support this stability long term by preserving a good balance of the foods we eat. Our daily diet should be inclusive of largely alkaline foods, balancing each meal, in order to keep the acidic foods in moderation. Acidic balance is essential, but our typical American diet lacks the necessary alkalinity to offset those acids. There is a lot of confusion and bad information floating around out there about purines. Focusing solely on purines can lead to trouble. Be sure to visit our Gout Diet page to learn more. Be sure to consume proper pure water and enough GC®/Flamasil® required for your body weight. Take the herbal capsules everyday to help expel the excess uric acid and/or quell the inflammation that is damaging to your health.

Q: What are the differences between Flamasil® and GC® GoutCare?

A: The ingredients in both products are all natural and consist of the following: Artichoke, Saponins from Yucca root, Garlic Powder (allium sativum), Tumeric, and Certified 80% Silymarin from Milk Thistle.

The Flamasil® contains the same key ingredients, but they are taken to another level with enhanced extracts and additional ingredients such as Grape seed and Pine bark extracts, Boron, Tart Cherry, Banaba, Resveratrol, Boswellia, and some probiotics.

Both products are extremely effective. Flamasil® was developed after GC® GoutCare as the need for a stronger anti-inflammatory developed with many people suffering from a host of inflammatory conditions, not just Gout alone. Since the base ingredients are the same, many enjoy taking both and just splitting the dosages up. For example, they'll take one GC® GoutCare twice a day and one Flamasil® twice a day.

Q: I have gouty arthritis and I live with pain all of the time, in all of my joints. My uric acid level is VERY high. Will the Goutcare bring down my uric acid level?

A: While the liquefied uric acid level may not lower right away, the crystals in the joints will be dissolving, freeing you of the pain. Your count would be many times higher in the blood than it is during an attack, if the uric acid was not crystallized in your joints. The crystallized uric acid does not show up in your count, because it is not in a liquid state in your blood supply. The further it crystallizes, the lower your level becomes, and of course the more it crystallizes, the greater the pain you have to live with. Our herbal blends can undoubtedly rid your body of excess uric acid and stop it from crystallizing. In 85% of the cases, your blood levels will decrease AND your pain from the crystallized uric acid will be gone.

Q: Are there any side effects?

A: The herbs in two Gout/Inflammation products, Flamasil® and GC® GoutCare, are beneficial to all walks of life, whether you suffer with Gout or not. They can help cleanse the blood, kidneys, the liver, lower the bad LDL cholesterol, and even lessen insulin needs of Type 2 Diabetics. Less than 1/2 of 1% experience any negative side effects at all, The only side effect experienced in that small percentage, has been an upset stomach. If you experience any gastric disruption, simply take the doses with your meals.

Q: Why do you recommend sour dairy and fresh, fermented foods?

A: Sour dairy is a milk-based product that has been transformed by the active cultures Lactobacillus / Acidophilus (yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, kefir). These cultures occur naturally in our system and have everything to do with good bowel digestion. Natural, fermented foods also provide healthy cultures. These essential bacteria strains assist the molecular breakdown of the foods we eat in order to extract the nutrients from them. This process starts in the intestines, and our vitamins and minerals are absorbed through the gastric walls. Unfortunately, we as a nation kill these friendly and vital bacteria off daily through stress, antibiotics (prescribed and/or taken in by meats/milk we consume), chlorine (pools, baths, drinking water), fluoride (water and toothpaste), bleached flours in food products and many prescription medications. It is imperative that we replace these bacteria day after day, and especially the gout sufferer. We need to absorb the herbal blend and to expel uric acid at the maximum levels our system can handle. A healthy digestive system is the only way to insure this. In addition to food sources, it is also advisable to include a high quality probiotic such as our Friendly Fighters®.

Q: Do I have to take Flamasil® and/or GC® GoutCare forever?

A: This depends on your diet, how many attacks per annum, alcohol intake, weight, etc. There are so many factors involved with the onset of a Gout/Inflammatory attack. The recommendations would involve the avoidance of so many foods and general lifestyles, that we highly recommend the daily intake of these herbs to ensure a Gout and Inflammation-free life.

Q: Can I remain Gout free without these herbs?

A: It may be possible with a VERY strict diet, no alcohol consumption, proper exercise, water, weight, etc...

Q: What foods should I avoid to stay Gout and/or Inflammation free if I choose NOT to take your preventive herbal blends?

A: Maintain a perfectly pH balanced diet at all times. Eat meat in moderation and only grass-fed sources. Avoid all processed foods. Consume no alcohol. Do not eat any fried foods, roasted nuts, or any foods containing of cooked with oil that has been subjected to heat. Avoid rich foods such as cakes and pies. Limit white flour and sugar products in your diet. Avoid the amino acid glycine. Limit your intake of caffeine. Drink plenty of water. If you are overweight, lose excessive pounds, but avoid crash diets because they will bring on an attack as well.

Q: I am currently taking Allopurinol, do I keep taking this medicine along with the Flamasil®/GC® GoutCare?

A: We do have customers that use both. Although, most are looking forward to discontinuing the use of Allopurinol due to the dangerous side effects, and considering our GC® and Flamasil® products in order to do just that. If you are aiming to quit taking Allopurinol, please talk to your physician about a plan to wean off of the medication. We have been told that customers are advised to consume both for a week or two, then wean off of the Allopurinol over the course of next two weeks. By reducing the amount of Allopurinol by 25% every four days, your system is allotted the time needed to adjust to the new natural herbs and allowed uric acid production. In the long run Allopurinol, which unnaturally attempts to cease the liver's production of uric acid, will impede the benefits and duties of the herbs. By inhibiting the liver from uric acid production, Allopurinol can eventually cause liver damage. The GC® and Flamasil herbal blends can help restore normal liver function, which regulates uric acid production naturally. If you decide to continue Allopurinol as well -- why if it is not working? -- Flamasil®/GC® GoutCare will still be of benefit to you, and at the very least, provide beneficial damage control from Allopurinol use. (Gout Drugs)

Q: Why doesn't my physician know anything about this medicine?

A: This is not your doctor's fault. All medical training is directed to diagnose and treat symptoms, but not how to prevent. Preventative care is in its infancy. Unless your physician is certified in a field of Naturopathic Medicine, then he/she is not likely to be familiar with all natural herbal remedies.

Q: Colchicine and Allopurinol are working for me, so why should I take Gout care?

A: While these drugs can work for some, many people experience a reduction in effectiveness over a period of time. Since Allopurinol is a synthetic drug and Colchicine is basically a poison, your body has a much harder time processing them, often leaving you riddled with side effects. If given the option between all natural, improved health vs. synthetic / poison symptom treatment, which would you prefer? Learn more about the dangers of these prescribed medications: Gout Drugs

Q: I have had a kidney transplant, can I take Flamasil® and/or GC® GoutCare?

A: Generally yes, seeing that all the herbs in both blends are supportive of healthy kidney function. We have quite a few clients under these same circumstances using the products successfully. We recommend to consult with your physician for monitoring purposes.

Q: I take high blood pressure medicine, can I take the GC® GoutCare/Flamasil®?

A: Yes, we have quite a few customers in this same situation, as well. Adequate intake of non-chlorinated water is a necessity -- 1/2 ounce per pound of body weight each day, more in times of excessive sweating. Again, be sure to consult your physician for monitoring purposes. Please keep in mind that our product(s) and program target inflammation, and HBP is rooted in an unhealthy inflammatory response in the body. Many find that in time they may no longer even need the high blood-pressure medication when taking our Flamasil® and GC® GoutCare products. We also now offer a BP specific product, Blood Pressure Health®, to couple with either of the above products. This has been very successful for those bordering hypertension and looking to control it naturally.

Q: I am confused about your product line. Are they all for Gout?

A: While our main focus is Gout, many of our customer base suffers with other related inflammatory conditions. Inflammation is THE under-lying cause lurking behind almost every health condition known to man. GC® GoutCare specifically targets Gout, Body Boost Vitamin is a specially tailored vitamin made to meet the needs of a Gout sufferer, and Flamasil® specifically target Gout and all levels of inflammation. We also carry products for Diabetes II and Hypertension. In addition to these health specific products, we offer a wonderful variety of Probiotics, Vitamin D, Saw-Palmetto, MSM, Himalayan Salt, Stevia natural sweetener and more. Be sure to check out our all products page for all of our selection and package deals.

Q: What if I'm not sure about which product(s) relate directly to my personal health needs?

A: We can help! Just take the time to fill out our assessments and we will provide a free, personalized plan just for you. We will carefully take a look at your diet, water intake, medication, lifestyle, etc. and provide you with a thorough evaluation. This free and personalized feedback will eliminate all confusion and give you just what you need to get started, guaranteed!

Gout Health & Diet Evaluation

Gout Stage Assessment

Q: I do not want to order over the internet, can I purchase your products elsewhere?

A: At this time, Flamasil® and GC® GoutCare are only available through our website and a few select stores. However, we do have a printable order form for mailing or faxing, and a toll-free number, for use inside the US. The local stores are also listed here on this website.

In Just A Single Powerful Formulation, Both Flamasil® and/or GC® GoutCare Can Help. . . .

  • Eliminate gout pain and inflammation
  • Renew your energy levels from the cellular level on up
  • Increase uric acid elimination
  • Restore the kidney system
  • Prevent uric acid crystallization
  • Fortify your blood while it attacks and subdues your gout
  • Relieve the symptoms of angina
  • Regenerate and detoxify your cells each day, naturally
  • Get well, without doing harm

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