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Kevin Eric Smith ,

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Flamasil™ for Joint Pain, Gout, & Any Chronic Inflammation

  • Are you aware that uncontrolled inflammation can lead to Heart Disease, Diabetes, and even Cancer?
  • You must remove chronic inflammation from your life before the inflammation removes the life out of you!
  • Flamasil™ - 90 Capsules of 13 Premium Ingredients with BCM-95®
  • Unbeatable value for this exclusive all in one formula

  • Flamasil Supplement Label

  • BCM-95® is a bio-enhanced curcumin extract with improved absorption. This BCM-95® has great advantages over other curcumin supplements including Turmeric with Piperine.

  • Patented -- BCM-95®'s unique formula and its use for protecting against Alzheimer's is protected by multiple patents.

  • Improved Absorption -- BCM-95®; is standardized to 86% curcuminoids and 7-9% essential turmeric oils to enhance absorption, and has been shown to be 693% more bioavailable than basic curcumin.

  • Clinically Researched -- BCM-95®'s cognitive and joint health benefits are backed by multiple human studies.

  • Flamasil for Chronic Inflammation & Joint Pain
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