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    Gout Attacks do not transpire overnight. They are the backlash of weeks, months, possibly even years of excess uric acid produced daily by comparison to the amount that is disposed. The body views uric acid as a necessary substance, given that it protects our DNA. When our system becomes over-saturated and uric acid has accumulated in the tissue and blood supply, crystals begin to form between the bone joints, precipitating damage to the synovial fluid sacks. This results in creating an infection that causes the severe pain of the 'acute gout attack'.

    Please READ the Gout Care page for more GC® product description and information.


    Not only is this product much cheaper than a doctors visit I have had only one gout attack in the last 4 years! This is after suffering with about 4 bouts of gout per year while on Allopurinol and Colchicine. The only gout attack that I have had in the last 4 years was caused by antibiotics that I had to take for an abscess tooth. They warned me about antibiotic on the web site but I did not take it seriously. My doctor cant believe my gout free condition and has told his other patients about GC® and my success.Jim C WA 99353

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