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Kevin Eric Smith ,

★ Are you suffering from high Uric Acid or painful Gout Attacks?

Our program and products fight the Uric Acid buildup that lead to Gout Attacks, Hyperuricemia and painful Tophi Deposits. Stop Gout Attacks And End Your Suffering! Stop avoiding certain foods and Enjoy a good balanced diet without the fear of a gout attack. We have Guaranteed Gout Relief with an all natural Gout Treatment. Stop the attacks, restore your joint health, remove your fear.

★ Are you confused about Purines, Gout Diets, and Medication Options?

We offer the top two Doctor Recommended, Non GMO supplements - GC® Gout Care and Flamasil®- coupled with more helpful information and Gout knowledge than you ever will find, ANYWHERE. Our website alone provides you with a comprehensive list of purines and uric acid content, Gout foods that harm and foods that heal
, the latest medical information about Gout and Uric Acid Metabolism, and much more. That is all FREE information even WITHOUT a purchase. When you buy from us, you buy our relentless dedication to solving YOUR individual Gout problem!

★ Do you have:

  • Issues related to high uric acid levels?      
  • Extreme Joint pain?
  • Swelling, warmth, and joint tenderness?      
  • Stones (Kidney, Uric Acid, or Calcium Oxalate)?
  • Pain while urinating?      
  • Pain and Inflammation in the feet, ankles, hands, or other joints?      
  • Unpleasant side effects of prescribed UA reducing medications?

     If your answer is yes to one or more of these conditions, please take a few minutes and read over our entire website full of FREE information.
    Be sure to check out our real reviews from our loyal customers at Shopper Approved Ratings./ SiteJabber-Reviews

  • Joint and Cellular Health Package 2/GC 2/BB 1/Flam 1/FF90
    Joint and Cellular Health Package 2/GC 2/BB 1/Flam 1/FF90
    1661-FlamRegular price: $176.70 Special Sale Price: $162.80Quantity:
    GC GoutCare
    GC GoutCare
    1221Regular price: $29.95Sale Price: $24.95, 3-for-$69.96, 6-for-$135.00Quantity: Yst-quantity-select
    Flamasil for Chronic Inflammation & Joint Pain (Low Stock Limit 1 Per Customer)
    Flamasil for Chronic Inflammation & Joint Pain (Low Stock Limit 1 Per Customer)
    870102Regular price: $42.95Sale Price: $38.95Quantity:
    Gout Starter Pack With Friendly Fighters Probiotics
    Gout Starter Pack With Friendly Fighters Probiotics
    1551Regular price: $105.80Sale Price: $94.50Quantity:
    Body Boost Mega Multi-Vitamin with Green Superfoods
    Body Boost Mega Multi-Vitamin with Green Superfoods
    1442Regular price: $26.95Sale Price: $24.95Quantity:
    Gout Stop without Booklet
    Gout Stop without Booklet
    3670Regular price: $63.90Sale Price: $58.45Quantity:
    Uric Acid Health Package 3/GC 2/BB 1/FF90
    Uric Acid Health Package 3/GC 2/BB 1/FF90
    1661Regular price: $159.70 Sale Price: $145.95Quantity:
    30 Day Supply of GC  GoutCare and Friendly Fighters Probiotics
    30 Day Supply of GC GoutCare and Friendly Fighters Probiotics
    1230Regular price: $36.95Sale Price: $34.95, 2-for-$64.95Quantity:
    Friendly Fighters Pro Probiotic: 90 Count
    Friendly Fighters Pro Probiotic: 90 Count
    1301Regular price: $39.95Sale Price: $32.95, 2-for-$61.50Quantity:

    WHAT IS GOUT Video of Uric Acid / Tophi Deposits caused by Gout Attacks in Dissected Big Toe. Pictures of Gout & Tophi
    No Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee
    - GC® GoutCure.com's 100% All Natural Herbal Blend!

    Take the true healing challenge!!

    ★ Purchase a three-month supply of our GC® Gout Care, or better yet one of our special package deals with vitamins and probiotics added, and if you are not amazed with your results, simply request your refund by e-mail. It really is as simple as that!

    Mission Statement:

    We promise to exceed all expectations in education, customer service, and product results. The dedicated employees and owners of this company once walked in your painful shoes and fully understand the magnitude of your despair. We will show you nothing short of relentless effort to solving every single individual case, GUARANTEED!! If we fail, then we have not done our job, and your money is refunded. With less than 1/2 of a 1% return rate our confidence in our products and service is well justified.

    Gout Health & Diet Evaluation
    Gout Stage Assessment
    Tophi Deposits? GC® can also melt away those stubborn tophi growths over time!


    GC® Gout Care is an authentic solution introduced to you by real former gout sufferers. We are highly regarded as the unsurpassed gout control company on the market, dominating since 1998. It's your turn to find out why!

    Our company, and our global distributors, are all former gout sufferers. GoutCare United States, Asia, United Kingdom, South Africa, and GoutCare South Pacific are all dedicated to ensuring that you experience the same gout free life. Feel free to read how our customers feel about us by visiting the independent surveys kept by Shopper Approved. You will find links to both at the bottom of this page. Buy a three-month supply today for EXTRA SAVINGS and let us guide you each step of the way through the cleansing of your stored uric acid (see our Gout Stages page). If you are not completely satisfied with your results, and the future of successfully managing Gout for life, we will refund you the cost of all three bottles, three months from the date of purchase GUARANTEED without any special requirements. It's that simple!

    The FDA oversees the safe manufacturing of all natural products, and has a comprised list of all potentially hazardous herbs. Each ingredient in GC® is registered as 'Generally Recognized as Safe and Effective' (GRASE by FDA). GC® Gout Care is beneficial to anyone's health, assisting in the cleansing of the blood, liver, and kidneys.

    Our GC® GoutCare solution is safe, effective, and beneficial to all walks of life, with or without Gout. For more product information, please see our Gout Care page. In order to understand more about uric acid progression, please visit our Gout Stages page.

    CAUTION: Do not use Acetaminophen (main Tylenol ingredient) in any form during a gout attack. It can be found in over the counter liquid cold and pain reliever formulas, as well as some leading prescription pain relievers. Acetaminophen may cause the gout attack to intensify and prevent a gout attack from subsiding.

    URIC ACID is a metabolic end product following the digestion of purines found in most foods. As uric acid crystallizes in the joints, it procures needle-like formations that begin tearing into the synovial fluid sacks and cartilage. Subsequently, the body storms this assault with white blood cells. This process renders swollen, shiny red, hot painful joint(s) known as the intense inflammation of an acute gout attack. Excess uric acid can also cause pain in the joints without the accompanying 'attack'.

    We would like to thank all who have already experienced the relief that our herbal blend has to offer. Since the commencement of this site, we have acquired numerous letters of appreciation. Our testimonials are real and have been directly solicited by Yahoo!. We retain a TOP SERVICE AWARD, issued to us by Yahoo!, for outstanding customer service and satisfaction. You can visit Shopper Approved to read the ratings requested by them about our products and service. If you are currently a gout sufferer, be sure give our herbal blend a try! You have nothing to lose, but the pain, with our 100% money-back guarantee. Thank you for visiting our web site!

    There are so many reasons to shop with us and place your gout health, healing, and control in our hands. The proof is in our testimonials, and independent product reviews alone. The following is even more evidence that looking anywhere else or paying any more, is simply a waste of your time and money.

  • Our herbal blend is identical or superior to those who have mirrored us. We have independent lab proof.

  • We have an exceptionally large repeat client base and boast less than 1/2 of a 1% return rate.

  • We have undeniably been around years, unlike others with fabricated claims. See for yourself at The Archives Way Back Machine and type in any company's dot.com name, such as ours, www.goutcure.com. At hand, you will find a recorded date of each time a website is published to the World Wide Web.

  • We are a small highly dedicated company that is not top heavy.

  • Longevity is important in your purchase, would you buy a Yugo?

  • We challenge you to find legitimate, independent, external source, product reviews and testimonials for any of our competitors. So far, our product reviews and testimonials are the only ones independently surveyed. Many use deceitful advertising perks, engineered as authentic reviews and product comparisons, but are actually executed by the company themselves. If you find a single company to post an independently examined review about any other gout product, please e-mail us the location. We will send you a free bottle of GC® once confirmed.

  • We provide information for FREE that others sell you in E-books. Our customers claim to learn more about their condition than ever before and that is just from the free information on our site. Wait until you see how we take care of you as a loyal customer.

  • We endorse all of our claims with our 100% money-back guarantee. There are no hoops to jump through. Simply contact us by email Customer Service, and we will assist you at once with our personal guidance to any healing challenges you may be experiencing, or for immediate reimbursement instructions should that be necessary. Your purchase is 100% RISK FREE, so you have nothing to lose except for your pain!!

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