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Kevin Eric Smith ,

High Purine Food Chart

Gout sufferers are likely to blame a specific food for causing their Gout attack. "If only I hadn't eaten that piece of shrimp!!" The reasoning is easily understood. You were fine one minute and the next you are under a full blown attack following a specific meal. Could one high purine meal push you over the edge and into an attack? Sure thing. The real question is, do you think you weren't already on the brink prior to that specific food choice?

Look at the image below and imagine that glass of water refers to your uric acid levels. 70% of that glass contains uric acid that your body is producing from resources other than food. Let's imagine you eat a lot of high purine foods each day and your glass continues to fill. Eventually, you wind up completely full and that last high purine meal does you in, pushing that full glass over the brim and into an attack.

Now, did that one food cause your attack? No, not really. It simply sealed the fate of what was already brewing.

Are we saying that food doesn't matter when it comes to Gout? No, a healthy diet plays an intricate role in Gout control. What we are saying is that the purines in food are not the largest part of the problem. In fact, they are a rather small part of this large puzzle. Focusing solely on purines can get you in a heap of trouble if you are truly trying to get control of your Gout attacks.

PLEASE be sure to understand that only 30% of uric acid production originates as of a result of high purine foods. Foods that alter the pH of your body like acidic, even low purines, foods are more likely to cause Gout problems. Processed foods, sugar, greasy/fried foods, breads (white flour and yeast), alcohol etc. should be feared much more than a 'higher purine' food such as Asparagus.

The aforementioned foods contribute to an acidic state in the body which can cause cells to die and/or mutate. 70% of uric acid production stems from dying cells.

Some other uric acid building and Gout triggers include:

  • Aspirin
  • Diuretics
  • Dehydration
  • Excess Body Weight
  • Fasting/Fast Weight Loss
  • Menopause
  • Injury and Illness
  • Genetics

  • The sample chart below can give you an idea of the high purine foods you came in search of, however, following our Gout diet guidelines will help you much more than focusing any purine chart at all.

    Foods High in Purines Foods Moderately High in Purines Foods Moderately Low in Purines
    Liver (beef,ox,chicken,pork, raw, all) Tuna Fish Almonds
    Yeast (baker's and brewer's) Beans Green beans
    Sardines in Oil Anchovy Artichoke

    Full Purine Food Chart

    Acidic and Alkaline Food Chart

    Fructose Sugar Food Chart

    Alcohol and Gout

    Gout and Seafood

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