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Key Points About Alcohol
and Gout / Arthritis:

  • Alcohol impedes the
    removal of uric acid

  • Alcohol increases
    cellular degeneration in
    the body and brain

  • Alcohol directly affects
    the liver and kidneys

  • Alcohol increases
    inflammation in the body

  • Alcohol contribute to
    joint pain and arthritis

  • Alcohol is acidic to
    the body and causes

  • Does Alcohol Consumption Increase the Risk of Gout, Arthritis and General Inflammation?

    gout and alcohol

    Alcohol quantity and type on risk of recurrent gout attacks: An internet-based case-crossover study

    Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3991555/

    Tuhina Neogi, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Medicine and of Epidemiology,1 Clara Chen, MHS, Assistant Director, Operations,2 Jingbo Niu, DSc, Research Assistant Professor of Medicine,1 Christine Chaisson, MPH, Research Assistant Professor,2 David J. Hunter, MD, Professor of Medicine,3 and Yuqing Zhang, DSc, Professor of Medicine and of Epidemiology1


    Although beer and liquor have been associated with risk of incident gout, wine has not. Yet anecdotally, wine is thought to trigger gout attacks. Further, how much alcohol intake is needed to increase the risk of gout attack is not known. We examined the quantity and type of alcohol consumed on risk of recurrent gout attacks.


    We conducted a prospective internet-based case-crossover study in the United States among participants with gout and who had at least one attack during the one year of follow-up. We evaluated the association of alcohol intake over the prior 24 hours as well as the type of alcoholic beverage with risk of recurrent gout attack, adjusting for potential time-varying confounders.


    This study included 724 participants with gout (78% men, mean age 54 years). There was a significant dose-response relationship between amount of alcohol consumption and risk of recurrent gout attacks (p<0.001 for trend). The risk of recurrent gout attack was 1.36 (95% CI: 1.00 to 1.88) and 1.51 (95% CI: 1.09 to 2.09) times higher for >1 - 2 and >2 - 4 alcoholic beverages, respectively, compared with no alcohol consumption in the prior 24 hours. Consuming wine, beer, or liquor, was each associated with an increased risk of gout attack.


    Episodic alcohol consumption, regardless of type of alcoholic beverage, was associated with an increased risk of recurrent gout attacks, including potentially with moderate amounts. Persons with gout should limit alcohol intake of all types to reduce the risk of recurrent gout attacks.

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    How can alcohol directly affect your joint health?

  • Regular consumption of alcohol rushes intracellular metabolism, forcing your cells to work harder. The leads to cartilage cells wearing down at a rapid pace because they need to regenerate around the clock.

  • The protective functions of our immune system are diminished in the presence of alcohol. This can greatly increase inflammation in the body and joints.

  • Alcohol slows the function of the kidneys and places the liver toxin removal process into overdrive. This can result in a build up of both toxins and uric acid due to the excessive stress on theses essential organs.

  • Alcohol depletes potassium which can cause fluid accumulation in the body, and even directly in the joints. This fluid can cause pressure, and in turn, pain.

  • Is beer worse than others?

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