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Kevin Eric Smith ,

Gout, Inflammation, and Seafood

seafood and gout

Is it safe to eat seafood if you have Gout?

This question comes up time and again. Unfortunately, there is no direct and easy answer.

We dedicate a lot of our website to providing information on the importance of avoiding the obsessive focus on purine content in food when it comes to avoiding Gout attacks. Low-purine diets could allow you to eat all of the sugar you please, but have you avoid Asparagus!? We must shift focus away from purine content and hone in on what attributes certain high purine foods may offer instead.

If a high-purine food offers dense nutrients advantageous to our health in general, we must find ways to safely include them in our Gout-free diets.

How can fish have an anti-inflammatory effect on Gout and the body, yet be high in purines?

Science dictates this would result from the Omega-3 fatty acid sources found in fish. Gout attacks are driven by inflammation that activates a cytokine known as IL-1b, Interleukin-1b. When this cytokine is released the painful inflammation of what we know as a gout attack ensues. Omega 3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA, happen to limit the cytokine IL-1b.

Our typical American diet is full of Omega-6 fat. This type of fat is found mostly in the vegetable oils added to our processed foods including sauces, salad dressings, chips, and baked goods. If you have Gout or any inflammatory condition and you are avoiding fish but enjoying the foods mentioned above, you may have things a bit backwards.

How can I enjoy fish and avoid a Gout attack?

It goes without saying that there are several dangers involved with anti-inflammatory drugs. NSAIDs medications are well-established and effective, yet come with a host of scary side effects including ulcers, bleeding, myocardial infractions, and even death. Alternative treatments, with little to no side effects, are available in the form of Omega-3 EFAs found in our food and other resources, namely fish and Omega-3 supplements. Controlled studies have shown these resources to demonstrate equal pain relieving and inflammation reducing effects, without the undesirable side effects.

It truly boils down to the necessity of a healthy and pH balanced diet. For the most part, it isn't what we eat that is high in purines, but what we eat it with in the same meal. Cooking with a ton of fresh herbs, spices, vegetables, and low sugar alkaline fruits can not only buffer any acids from high-quality protein sources, but also provides you little to no worry about utilizing a high purine, healthy food source.

Fatty fish such as salmon, smelt, shad, and anchovies all provides a healthy dose of inflammation fighting Omega-3 fatty acids. Enjoy these in balanced meals with the aforementioned alkaline buffers. When it comes to supplementing Omega-3's in addition to what comes from your diet, we suggest a high quality Krill oil. Market fish oils range greatly in quality and many have been found to offer rancid sources. We've found a higher quality and gout-friendly source to stem from a Pure Neptune Krill oil, instead.

On our program, and with our products like GC GoutCare and Flamasil for Inflammation, you can enjoy balanced meals -- including meat and seafood -- without fear. Balance is key. When you look at your plate, what takes up the most room? 30% should be your protein source, while the other 70% comes from fresh veggies, herbs and spices, fermented foods, a little fruit, and other healthy alkaline food selections. Our e-book (free with purchase) comes with a ton of free recipes to help you learn how to balance your meals and eat without fearing your next Gout or Inflammatory attack.

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