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Gout and Purine Studies Show:

  • Higher levels of meat and seafood
    consumption are associated
    with an increased risk of Gout,
    whereas a higher level of
    consumption of dairy products
    is associated with a decreased risk.

  • Moderate intake of purine-rich
    vegetables or protein is not associated
    with an increased risk of gout.

  • Increased uric acid production and
    decreased uric acid excretion have both
    been implicated in the pathogenesis
    of alcohol-induced hyperuricemia.

  • Purine Amounts in Popular Food/Drinks:

  • Beef / Steak: High Purine

  • Seafood: High Purine

  • Asparagus & Spinach:
    Moderate to Moderately High Purine

  • Beer: Moderate to High Purine

  • Sugar: Very low / non-existent

  • Alcohol as in spirits and wine:
    ZERO purines


    Low to no purines in sugar?

    Low to no purines in liquor or wine?

    Sugar/Alcohol = Good for Gout??

    Protein = Bad??

  • Gout- Gout Foods- Purines- Gout Food List - Uric Acid - Gout Diet

    The information to the left raises some serious questions about our obsession with trying to control Gout with low-purine diets.

    - Purines are the main culprit? Yet, study after study fails to provide any evidence that high-purine vegetables have any negative impact on the Gout sufferer.......

    - Then there's the all mighty fact that dietary purines only equate to roughly 30% of our total uric acid production. If the other whopping 70% stems from other sources, is it safe to say that we need to focus our attention elsewhere?

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