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Maintaining a proper acid/alkaline balance is crucial for normal bodily functions. The body's regulatory systems, including breathing, circulation, and elimination, closely monitor and adjust pH levels in every cell and system. Disruptions in this balance can lead to various health issues, including arthritis and gout, and hinder the body's ability to heal.

Unfortunately, our modern diet often leans towards acid-producing foods, leading to potential hyperacidity when combined improperly, even with alkaline-producing foods. This imbalance not only depletes essential nutrients from the body and bones as it attempts to buffer excess acids but also compromises the body's ability to manage natural processes like uric acid regulation.

Neglecting uric acid control can have serious consequences. Therefore, it's crucial to prioritize maintaining healthy and manageable levels through dietary choices and lifestyle adjustments.

GC® GoutCare and/or Flamasil® can support your metabolism to function optimally. Our goal is to alleviate the fear of experiencing a gout attack and empower you to enjoy your favorite foods without worry. It's essential to eliminate any uric acid buildup by significantly reducing uric acid production, even when not currently experiencing an attack. Individuals with gout typically have uric acid deposits throughout their body, presenting a continuous risk. For further details, visit our Gout Symptoms page.

We provide products designed to cleanse accumulated uric acid in the body and restore healthy levels of functioning. You can help expedite this process by providing a body environment in which the herbs can be readily absorbed. See our Gout Food page and stick as much with food selections of 7.0 and above as you can during the healing process,

-- For ongoing maintenance and overall health following the cleansing process, it's recommended that 70-80% of each meal and snack consist of alkaline foods, with the remaining 20-30% comprising acidic proteins.

-- Please adhere to the water guidelines outlined below. Adequate elimination is crucial, so it's important to ensure proper exits are provided. With increased water intake to facilitate toxin flushing and elimination of processed foods rich in salt, it's recommended to replenish lost salts by using a good quality salt (avoiding table salt) generously on fresh foods. Additionally, incorporate potassium-rich foods into your diet to maintain balanced levels while undergoing cleansing.

- Steer clear of rapid weight loss. Purines tend to accumulate in fat stores, and shedding pounds quickly can lead to heightened uric acid production and retention. Fast weight loss, exceeding 1 pound per week, may exacerbate an ongoing attack.

- General note for anyone under a gout attack: Boosting the metabolism of the body's fat cells triggers the production of ketone bodies, which impede the excretion of uric acid. This can result in the release of excessive uric acid into the bloodstream, akin to overindulgence in rich foods. It's crucial to maintain weight by consuming a diverse array of healthy alkaline foods and fats, while steering clear of any weight loss efforts. Consuming fewer than 1500/2000 calories per day can exacerbate your attack.



Optimal hydration requires approximately 0.5 ounces per pound of body weight. Thus, a 200-pound individual should aim for around 100 ounces per day. As the GC® GoutCare and/or Flamasil® work to disassemble uric acid stores, blood levels may increase substantially. It's vital to ensure sufficient hydration to facilitate the removal of uric acid from the body, preventing its re-settlement and re-crystallization in the joints. These herbal blends act as natural diuretics, preventing uric acid from crystallizing in the joints. Therefore, it's essential to provide the body with adequate hydration to flush out uric acid effectively. It's advisable to use non-chlorinated, pure water sources, as chlorine can exacerbate gout symptoms. Consider investing in a reliable water purification system for a cost-effective and safer alternative to bottled water in the long term.

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