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Acid/alkaline balance is extremely important to normal physiology. The body cannot tolerate extended pH imbalances very well. The management of the pH factor is so important that the body's primary regulatory systems (especially breathing, circulation and eliminations) closely regulate acid-alkaline balance in every cell and system of the organism. Thus acid/alkaline balance may be relevant to all sorts of diseases, including but not limited to arthritis and gout, and can negatively impact our ability to heal.

As a society we tend to over indulge in acid-producing foods. When we combine foods improperly, even alkaline-producing food, hyperacidity is nearly inevitable. These imbalances not only strip the body and bones of vital nutrients in an attempt to buffer these acids, but also take away the ability to deal with something as natural as uric acid. You cannot afford to ignore uric acid control. It is imperative that you dedicate your body to healthy and manageable levels.

GC® GoutCare and/or Flamasil® can assist your metabolism to operate as it was intended to. Our mission is to free you from the fear of a gout attack and enable you to 'have your steak, and eat it too'. It is very important to cleanse any uric acid build up by bringing most uric acid production to a halt. Even if you are not under an attack, a person with gout has uric deposits all over the body posing a threat. See our Gout Symptoms page for more information.

We offer the product(s) to cleanse the stored uric acid in the body and begin maintaining healthy functioning levels. You can help expedite this process by providing a body environment in which the herbs can be readily absorbed.

We recommend you adhere to a strict alkaline diet for about five days. Providing a healthier body environment will increase herbal assimilation and promote healing. See our Gout Food page and stick with food selections of 7.0 and above.

For maintenance and general health after cleansing, 70-80% of each meal and snack should come from an alkaline food source with 20-30% from an acidic protein.

Follow the water instructions below. Elimination is essential, and you must provide the exits. With increased water amounts, flushing of toxins, and elimination of processed foods full of salt, one should replace lost salts with a liberal use of a good high-quality salt (not table salt) on your fresh foods. Pair this with healthy food sources of potassium to keep both levels up to par while cleansing.

Avoid fast weight loss. Purines are stored in fat, and weight loss will increase uric acid production and retention. Fast weight loss, more than 1lb a week, can cause an attack to get worse.

General note for anyone under a gout attack: An increase in the metabolism of the body's fat cells leads to the production of substances, ketone bodies, which inhibit the excretion of uric acid. This can prompt excessive uric acid release into the blood stream, as much if not more, than extravagant feasting. Maintaining weight with a good variety of healthy alkaline foods and fats, while avoiding all weight loss is very important. Anything less than 1500/2000 calories a day can make your attack worse.

Sufficient water intake is essential on so many levels. Proper hydration, for anyone, requires about 1/2 oz per pound of your body weight. Therefore, a 200lb individual should consume around 100oz per day. As the GC® GoutCare and/or Flamasil® begin to break the uric acid storages apart, the blood levels could rise significantly. It is imperative that you provide enough water to carry this out of the body and avoid allowing it to re-settle and re-crystallize in the joints once again. The herbs are a natural diuretic and stop the uric acid from crystallizing in the joints. For that reason, you must provide the body with an exit to flush the uric acid out with the proper water intake. Please note, your water should be from a non-chlorinated pure source (see our chlorine and gout page for more info). A viable purification system is well worth considering and will be much cheaper and safer than bottled water in the long run.

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