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  • Purines are a type of
    chemical compound found
    in food and drinks

  • Purine amounts vary
    by types of food
    and drink

  • Purines are broken down
    into uric acid

  • Purines are crucial
    protectors of our DNA

  • What are Purines?


    Purines are one part of the two families that encompass nitrogen based molecules, nitrogenous bases. The other family is known as Pyrimidines. These molecules are essential to the development of genetic material found in all living organisms.

    Science was always aware that purines serve as essential building blocks for DNA, but now recognize they offer widespread importance to many areas of our health -- from our cardiovascular health to our digestive system.

    Scientists have discovered that purines contain their own special receptor system on our cells that allow them to connect with cell membranes, yielding far-reaching effects. These effects are directly related to heart functions such as blood flow and oxygen delivery. Within the realm of our digestive systems, purines impact fluid secretion and affects the way our food moves during the digestive process. Without purines our chromosomes would not exist. Living cells couldn't even produce energy or synthesize without them.

    Purines have become the central focus in the development and control of the painful condition known as Gout. We believe this area remains extremely misunderstood. So much so, that modern day medicine has attempted to halt the conversion of purines into uric acid in attempt to control acute Gout attacks. As an essential protector of our DNA, the process of blocking and denying the natural purine conversion, does not come without repercussions.

    Let's take a closer look at concerns surrounding the low-purine diet method and the prescription medication option that inhibits purine/uric acid synthesis. Both are geared towards Gout control, however, is it even safe or wise to unnaturally interfere with such an essential molecule?

    Purine Food Chart

    Low Purine Diet Dangers

    Allopurinol to block Purine/Uric Acid Synthesis

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