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Forget the Purines!

So, you're diagnosed with Gout. What is the first thing you are told to focus on? Lower the purines in your Gout diet!?

What is wrong with this approach? Just about everything.......

1) Only 30% of uric acid production stems from dietary purines.

2) Many "low-purine" foods are absolutely horrible for your health.

3) Many "high-purine" foods are extremely good for your health.

Let us highlight on a few recommended foods for a low-purine diet:

  • Pudding - Unless you are making your own with pure Cocoa, real milk, and a natural sweetener like Stevia -- there is nothing that warrants this as a safe staple in your diet.

  • Low-fiber breads - Considering yeast is a no-no for Gout and fiber happens to be the best/only good thing about bread, one has to wonder about this recommendation.

  • Rice - If we are talking about white rice, we can hang that suggestion up completely. Brown and wild rice in moderation would be ok, but again not a staple.

  • Pasta- Another highly questionable suggestion as we should all steer away from bleached white flour products and any food that doesn't offer much by way of nutrients. We should also be very careful about food that convert into sugars. Pasta falls into that category and should be consumed in moderation for us all.

  • Low-fat cheese and ice cream- Here we have two rather questionable items in one recommendation. First, Low-fat foods are chemically altered to achieve their fat reduction, making them rather unhealthy all the way around. Secondly, ice cream? Again, unless you are making your own with high-quality, organic ingredients and a safe sugar-substitute like Stevia, then I would probably suggest to steer clear of this being any sort of staple in your treatment for Gout.

  • Sweet items in limited amounts - Unless we are talking about fruits and sweet vegetables, BEWARE. Sugar and Gout have a much stronger connection than purines and Gout.

  • Luncheon meat - Oh boy....processed luncheon meat? Between the overload of additives, sodium, nitrites, and the bread we usually add it to -- not so excited about this recommendation, either.

  • Tofu- Unless it is fermented, stay away from this highly-processed food.

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