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Kevin Eric Smith ,

Gout In The Knee(s): (WARNING -- images may be disturbing)

gouty knee

Gout in the knee- OUCH!! Gout can attack just about any joint and tendon area in the body including the most common areas as the toes, fingers, feet, ankles, heels and insteps. Other less common areas include the elbows, shoulders, hips, wrists, and even in the ridges of the ear! However, the knee has been reported as one of the most painful areas in which the Gout could settle in and attack. Imagine a hot, swollen, stiff, and unbendable area with as much necessity for mobility as the knee. Talk about a serious level of immobility! Sitting and driving could be nearly impossible.

This pain could extend up to the thigh and down to your ankles and toes. An attack in the knee could signal that your Gout is getting progressively worse. Unless you have a previous injury to that area, this scenario is very likely. If this is any indication of a growing problem, the attacks could last even longer than it did in previous areas. Gout could be settling into the ligaments, tendons, cushion sacs, bursae, and other inviting areas of cartilage like the meniscus. Gout can even attack in the bursae in the knee cap itself. An attack can literally come out of no where and completely incapacitate you.

Can you imagine such excruciating pain that even a soft bed sheet can send you through the roof in agony? Yes, Gout in the knee can be THAT painful!

Risk factors for the body producing excessive amounts of urate include trauma/injury, age, weight, diet, medical conditions, prescription drugs, and genetics. The pH of the body and synovial fluid could play a role in its development.

A Gout attack can come with little to no warning, at all. It may begin with swelling and pain behind the knee. These symptoms are often ignored, or disregarded as having overused it or suffered a minor injury that is difficult to recall. The sudden onset can really catch you off guard, especially those that begin overnight. Learning how to avoid these crippling and sudden attacks is crucial. Gout increases your risk of heart disease and more. Our site provides you with all of the tools necessary to fight this disease!

The inflammation and pain usually begin at night and grow in intensity. Why does Gout attack most often at night?

gouty knees

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