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Gout Symptoms & Treatment:

  • Sudden and Severe Joint Pain

  • Swelling and Warmth

  • Body Aches

  • Fever and Chills

  • Limited Joint Movement

  • Symptoms of Gout

    Collection of uric acid: This can take place for years in the tissues and all around the joints. The first attacks are usually in the big toe, but can really take place anywhere there is connective tissue and a joint cavity. Believe it or not, severe sufferers have even come down with painful nodules of uric acid growth on their ear lobes (tophi- an advanced stage of Gout).

    Pain is typically sudden: The onset of pain is often described as sudden and severe. You could experience long periods of time without even a smidge of pain and find yourself suddenly paralyzed in excruciating pain. Any movement, walking, vibrations, or even the slightest weight of a sheet on the affected area can send someone "through the roof", if you will. Some find alternating cold and heat can help ease the pain until medication or herbal relief can take a hold.

    Swelling: is very common when a Gout attack is present. The build up of uric acid can take on the form of needles, jabbing relentlessly at the affected joint(s) and resulting in pain and swelling.

    Tenderness: Even after the intense pain has subsided, you are left with a very sore and tender joint. This can be isolated to the attack area, or may cause tenderness throughout the whole area around that joint. Limping should be expected as healing proceeds and can take several weeks to get back to normal.

    Pain at night: Many report an increase of pain particularly in the evening hours and/or while they are trying to sleep. As circulation slows and body temperatures change, one may notice their Gout pain rising. Keeping the affected area above the heart and warm could help.

    Redness: Redness is typically associated with the inflammatory attack as the swelling increases, the skin becomes tight, shiny, and red.

    Flaking/Peeling Skin: As the skin swells and becomes irritated, dryness can set in. The affected area can become flaky, itchy, and possible even cracked and bloody. Castor Oil can help with both the dryness and the pain.

    Fever: As with any attack on the body, one could develop a fever. As the body fights off this 'infection', one could easily develop flu like symptoms including fever, chills, and fatigue.

    Limited Mobility: As expected, when you are under an attack you will be less than mobile. More importantly, if you allow this condition to progress over time the joints can become more and more unstable and damaged. It is vital NOT to ignore Gout in between attacks. The damage is taking place day by day, eventually building up for your next attack. Joint deterioration is not something you will want to face in the long run. When left untreated, deformity can even occur.

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