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Uric Acid - Gout Stages

Get Control Of Your Gout Today- Gout Cure is the solution you have been looking for!

1) Uric Acid Crystals can take a long time (months or years) to accumulate, most commonly in connective tissues in and around joints, especially in the lower limbs. During this period there may well be no symptoms whatsoever. About 95% of people with hyperuricemia, high uric acid in the blood supply, will not have a gout attack throughout their entire lives. However, they may experience pain and discomfort from crystallized uric acid in their joints. Pain in the heel/achilles tendon is very common. Sometimes uric acid problems are even misdiagnosed as Rheumatoid Arthritis. The uric acid crystals will cut into the synovial fluid sacks that cushion all joints releasing this fluid into the blood. This can cause blood readings to indicate Rheumatoid Arthritis when, in fact, the problem is really uric acid crystals.

2) A single joint is almost always involved in the initial episodes of an acute attack, most commonly starting with the big toe. This involves local irritation and aching with the tissues becoming swollen, red, hot, shiny and excessively painful. The pain is frequently described as the worst ever experienced.

3) There are periods between attacks. Some never experience another attack, or perhaps at least not for several years. However, for the majority, a second attack occurs within a year. The frequency, severity, and number of joints involved is highly likely to increase over time. This progression eventually leads to joint damage and chronic pain over an average of about 10 years.

4) Chronic tophaceous gout large crystal deposits, or tophi, produce irregular firm nodules, predominantly around the upper surfaces of the fingers and hands. They can form in other places as well, including forearms, achilles tendon, and/or the ears. When left untreated, these can lead to severe deformity.

5) Refractory Gout refers to the stage of Gout where symptoms are ongoing and target serum urate levels have become unattainable, despite medication attempts. Refractory Gout typically includes reduced quality of life and joint destruction.


The answer to this dilemma is Gout Care® 100% All Natural Relief for the gout sufferer. Aids the body in expelling excess uric acid naturally. Eat all foods in moderation without the fear of constant gout attacks!

No Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee - GC® GoutCure.com's 100% All Natural Herbal Blend!

Gout Health & Diet Evaluation

Gout Stage Assessment

How the products GC® GoutCare and Flamasil® Work for Gout:

Visualize the uric acid metabolic process as a 16-ounce glass. Let's assume that when you are young, your glass contains about 6oz. Let us consider that at a 16oz level, you would be destined for a gout attack. After years of splurging on high purine and acidic food selections, your glass gradually rises to 14oz. An average meal in purines may bring you up to 15.5, but luckily, within 4-6 hours your system can bring it back down to 14.1. This process is repeated several times, until one day you top the 16 ounces, and you are now in a gout attack.

With an initial cleansing diet, water, and GC®/Flamasil®, we can successfully bring that glass down to a sustainable level. It may never revert back to a low 6oz, but at least at 8oz we can manage the uric acid levels and avoid future gout attacks. This is the main reason for recommending an initial strict diet. You can allow the GC® herbs and your body to go straight to work without an abundance of new acid formations to slow you down. GC®/Flamasil® will also be 'melting' your stored uric acid at such high rates, any additional uric acid added to the blood supply can cause the blood to become hyper-saturated. If your body is unable to expel these excessive amounts quickly enough, the kidneys are likely to reclaim and recycle right back through the joints again. This process could result in new deposits into other joints or cause the current attack to worsen. This 'melting' of old stored uric acid is also the logic behind consuming large amounts of non-chlorinated water. Proper hydration is imperative to flush the newly dissolved uric acid out of your blood supply and past the kidneys.

It is also important to maintain your body weight during a gout attack. All body cells contain purines. In fact, 70% of all uric acid creation stems from the cellular level. Fat cells, where weight loss begins, contain copious amounts of purines. Thus, weight loss increases uric acid production in large amounts, over-taxing your already overloaded system, causing the attack to be prolonged.

People who suffer with gout commonly overproduce uric acid or under excrete it. In extreme cases, a person may fall into both categories, causing severe gout attacks repeatedly. Blood serum testing will not show the amount of uric acid crystallized in connective tissue. This insoluble amount is the culprit ready to incite the next acute attack.

Our herbal blends, GC® GoutCare & Flamasil, help the body regulate this process and aid to maintain a healthy level of uric acid in the blood. The herbs combine with the uric acid to help it remain soluble. With just a small change in the diet, a person will be able to eat a complete variety of foods and still remain gout free.

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