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Uric Acid - Gout Stages

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stage one of gout

In the Asymptomatic Stage Uric acid crystals tend to accumulate gradually over months or even years, primarily in the connective tissues surrounding joints, particularly in the lower extremities. Interestingly, this buildup often occurs without any noticeable symptoms. Surprisingly, approximately 95% of individuals with elevated uric acid levels, a condition known as hyperuricemia, may never experience a gout attack in their lifetime. Nevertheless, they may still endure discomfort and pain due to the presence of crystallized uric acid in their joints, with heel and Achilles tendon pain being particularly common. In some cases, issues related to uric acid can be mistakenly diagnosed as Rheumatoid Arthritis. This misdiagnosis can occur because uric acid crystals can puncture the synovial fluid sacs that provide cushioning to the joints, releasing the fluid into the bloodstream. Consequently, blood tests may erroneously suggest the presence of Rheumatoid Arthritis, when in reality, the root cause lies in uric acid crystal formation.

stage two of gout

The Acute Stage: During the onset of an acute attack, typically one joint is affected, with the big toe being the most common starting point. This triggers local irritation and aching, accompanied by swelling, redness, heat, and a shiny appearance in the affected tissues. The pain associated with this condition is often described as excruciating, surpassing any previous experiences of discomfort.

stage three of gout

The Intercritical Stage is the time in between attacks. Some individuals may never undergo another episode, or it might be years before experiencing one again. Nonetheless, for most people, a second attack happens within a year. As time passes, there's a high likelihood that the frequency, intensity, and number of affected joints will increase. This ongoing pattern often results in joint damage and persistent discomfort, typically unfolding over an average span of about 10 years.

stage four of gout

The Chronic Stage can burden one with frequent severe attacks and usually involve more than one joint at a time. Chronic tophaceous gout are large crystal deposits, known as tophi, that create irregular, firm nodules, mainly located around the upper parts of the fingers and hands. They may also develop in other areas such as the forearms, Achilles tendon, or ears. If not addressed, these tophi can result in significant deformities.

Refractory Gout refers to the stage of Gout where symptoms are ongoing and target serum urate levels have become unattainable, despite medication attempts. Refractory Gout typically includes reduced quality of life and joint destruction.


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    Gout Health & Diet Evaluation

    Gout Stage Assessment

    How the products GC® GoutCare and Flamasil® Work for Gout:

    Imagine the uric acid metabolic process as a 16-ounce glass. In youth, your "glass" might start at 6 ounces. As you indulge in purine-rich and acidic foods over the years, your glass gradually fills up to 14 ounces. While a typical high-purine meal might temporarily push you to 15.5 ounces, your body can usually bring it back down to 14.1 ounces within 4-6 hours. This cycle repeats until one day you surpass the 16-ounce mark, triggering a gout attack.

    By implementing an initial cleansing diet along with adequate water intake and GC®/Flamasil®, we can effectively reduce the uric acid levels in your "glass" to a manageable point. While it may not return to the low 6-ounce level, reaching 8 ounces allows for better management of uric acid and helps prevent future gout attacks. This is why a strict diet is initially recommended. By minimizing new acid formations, GC®/Flamasil® herbs can work more efficiently. Moreover, GC®/Flamasil® aids in melting stored uric acid at accelerated rates. However, if additional uric acid is introduced into the bloodstream, it can lead to hyper-saturation. If the body fails to expel this excess quickly, the kidneys may reabsorb it, potentially worsening the current attack or depositing it into other joints. This underscores the importance of consuming ample non-chlorinated water, as proper hydration is essential for flushing out dissolved uric acid from the bloodstream and aiding its elimination through the kidneys.

    During a gout attack, it's crucial to maintain your body weight. This is because all body cells, including fat cells, contain purines, with 70% of uric acid production originating from the cellular level. When weight loss occurs, especially from fat cells where purines are abundant, it can significantly increase uric acid production. This can further strain an already overloaded system, potentially prolonging the duration of the attack.

    Individuals who suffer from gout often either produce excessive amounts of uric acid or struggle to eliminate it adequately. In severe cases, individuals may experience both issues, leading to recurrent and severe gout attacks. Traditional blood serum tests may not reveal the extent of uric acid crystallization in connective tissues, which is the insoluble form responsible for triggering acute attacks.

    Our herbal blends, GC® GoutCare & Flamasil®, assist the body in regulating this process and promoting a healthy uric acid level in the bloodstream. These herbs work in tandem with uric acid to maintain its solubility. With minor adjustments to their diet, individuals can enjoy a diverse range of foods while remaining free from gout symptoms.

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