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Key Points About
Tophi and Gout:

  • Tophi are large,
    crystallized deposits
    of uric acid

  • Tophi forms irregular,
    firm nodules that can
    be quite unsightly

  • Tophi signals an
    advanced stage of Gout

  • Excessive amounts of
    tophi can cause harmful
    medical conditions

  • Tophi can cause
    severe deformation

  • What is Tophi?


    noun : to-phus |ˈtō-fəs|

    Definition of tophus

    plural tophi |ˈtō-ˌfī, -ˌfē|

    : a deposit of urates in tissues (such as cartilage) that is characteristic of gout

    Chronic Tophaceous Gout (a stage of Gout)

    Some patients suffer with Hyperuricemia (high uric acid in the blood) and never have an actual Gout attack. Some only suffer with acute Gout attacks, randomly spaced over several months to several years in between. However, in severe cases of chronic Gout, patients can experience relentless attacks with very little timing in between. These cases are often coupled with rapid destruction of the joints and deformities from the hard, uric acid deposits under the skin known as tophi. They are chalky, gritty accumulations of uric acid crystals that can result from lengthy, uncontrolled Gout.

    Chronic Tophaceous Gout can be extremely painful and completely debilitating. When tophi is found just under the skin, they are typically firm and movable. They may appear cream or yellow in color. As it progresses it may form in the cartilage and tissues around the joints, where crippling destruction can begin. Tophi can cause patients significant impairment of joint motion and stability, as well as irreversible joint damage with bony destruction. Tophi can also affect the nerves causing compressive neuropathy. If the pain can't be controlled, the nerves become involved, and/or infections and ulcerations with discharge ensue, surgery may be the only option. It is critical that Gout sufferers avoid getting to this stage. Despite what many are told, and despite tophi being extremely tough to break down and dissolve, it CAN be done. Surgical complications are a high risk with this removal, and no one is truly getting to the bottom of the problem by surgically removing.

    Your body is signaling for drastic changes necessary to battle this disease, control the attacks, and reduce the tophi deposits in order to stop this destructive and deteriorating situation. This stage of Gout can be all consuming, but it can, and needs to be stopped.

    Prescription medications can temporarily band-aid the symptoms, however they can't address the underlying issues and have been known to cause more harm in the long run. Gout control MUST be obtained through a fully comprehensive approach addressing your diet, water intake, general lifestyle, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and more. One must be prepared for significant changes and be willing to make the efforts necessary to battle this stage of the disease.

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