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Kevin Eric Smith ,

Can Weight Loss Cause Gout?

weight loss

Obesity is an epidemic in the United States and can place you on the fast track towards other serious health complications. Your risk for sleep apnea, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gall bladder disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, etc. is drastically increased when you carry excess weight. Gout is no exception.

First, let us cover fast weight loss issues for anyone, Gout or not. It is important to keep in mind that shedding pounds too quickly can cause you to lose muscle, bone and water -- not necessarily fat. Anything under 800 calories can be extremely dangerous running the risk of dehydration, kidney infections, and even sudden death. Fad diets and "diet" foods tend to offer nothing but empty promises and are not ideal for long-term sustainability and health. Reach for a method that satisfies your end game goal(s), and one that includes healthy changes you are able to stick with.

Your metabolism can dictate your results, as well. If you cut out too many calories you can actually slow your metabolism and alter the way your body uses calories for fuel. As a result, your body will actually begin storing fat not knowing when it may receive the next set of nutrients.

Did you also know that fast weight loss can actually cause a Gout attack? Rapid weight loss can increase uric acid levels. The reasoning is two-fold. First, the level of ketones in your body rises and they compete with uric acid for excretion. Secondly, purines can also be stored in fat. When the body enters a fasting stage it naturally pulls from storages for those necessary resources. During this process purines are also released which, in turn, naturally convert to uric acid.

Do not let the possibility of a Gout attack steer you away from the vital necessity of a reaching your healthy weight. Weight loss must be obtained slowly and steadily, not only to avoid the dreaded Gout attack, but to meet and MAINTAIN your weight loss goals.

Portion control, plenty of water, and making wiser food choices is the only way to go. Avoiding sugar, fast foods, and processed foods should be step number one. This holds true not only for weight loss, but for health and disease control/avoidance. Eat smaller meals, but more often. Choose your carbs wisely. Don't waste empty calories of beverages other than water. Fiber up to help feel more full. Include healthy fats and grass-fed protein sources. Eat fat you say? Yes! Studies have proven that cutting the fat doesn't cut the weight. In fact, fat restrictive diets can be equally as dangerous.

With the endless amount of conflicting information about purines and Gout diets, we offer you an easy to understand approach that puts many myths to rest. Please see our Gout Diet page for more information.

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