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Kevin Eric Smith ,

Is there a connection between Gout and Osteoarthritis?

Both of these conditions share aging and obesity as common risk factors. Gout is a metabolic and auto-immune condition, whereas Osteoarthritis is rooted in the chronic, degenerative process of normal wear and tear. Gout typically rears its ugly head with a sudden and rapid onset, while Osteoarthritis is slower and progressive over the years. They can both cause joint pain and stiffness, and they can both affect the same joints.

Since they are quite often linked together in diagnosis, we are now asking which came first? The chicken or the egg? Studies have suggested the existence of an association between OA and crystal deposition. With the knowledge we have, Gout crystals do tend to settle in previously damaged and weaker joints. OA's joint damage could create the ideal environment for uric acid crystals to settle within. Conversely, we could assume the jabbing uric acid crystals creates the inflammation that damages the cartilage as we see in Osteoarthritis conditions.

If we consider the age of onset for both conditions, we are likely to lean towards the calcium and uric acid crystal deposit damage preceding the OA emergence. Gout is most commonly seen in men over the age of 35 and post-menopause in women. The average age of onset for OA is typically over 60 years old and doesn't seem to favor one gender over the other - although slightly more common in women.

Even still, it is safe to consider one condition could promote the other, regardless, and capable of going both ways. This begs the question of how to treat. While some treatments overlap with efforts to alleviate the pain and swelling symptoms, the underlying cause is often approached differently. Gout is primarily treated with drugs that help to lower the uric acid, while OA is generally approached with temporary NSAIDs treatments and lifestyle changes.

Could they both, or any inflammatory condition for that matter, be treated identically? Even better, without prescription drugs at all?

As we have said all along, inflammation is at the root of all disease. Why don't we simply approach and attack inflammation head on? Aside from the fact that would drastically reduce all of the prescription drugs choices for individual diagnosis, it is also a bit simplistic for our modern medical world.

Science is absolutely amazing, but so is mother nature and all of our natural resources. It can be a bit of work finding out what makes each of our bodies tick, but we can also rely on some common sense diet and lifestyle changes to help get our bodies on the right track. We either chase drugs to treat symptoms, or we chase long-term and safe solutions.

For some people, the answer is both. Many people rely on the prescription drugs because they trust their doctor and find the relief they are looking for, even if only quick but temporary. Who could blame you? Many then seek to find natural supplements to help boost their organ function and cleanse the body naturally simply in hopes to curb some of the negative effects of the medication. We love physicians that are willing to work with their patients to accomplish and monitor the use of both. Alternative Health products were specifically targeted, and ingredients carefully selected, to insure there were no contradictions - whether you choose to use them alone or in conjunction with other medications.

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Flamasil for Chronic Inflammation <br>and Joint Pain
Gout Care Product &<br>How GC Works
Flamasil for Chronic Inflammation <br>and Joint Pain

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Flamasil for Chronic Inflammation & Joint Pain
Gout Care Product &<br>How GC Works

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GC GoutCare
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