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Key Points About Uric Acid
Build-up in the Joints:

  • Uric Acid crystals can take years
    to accumulate

  • Uric Acid crystals can cause severe
    damage to the joints

  • Uric Acid crystals can build slowly
    in several joint

  • Excess build up can cause tophi
    deposits and lead to severe deformity

  • Uric Acid in the Joints

    The soluble uric acid measured in your blood supply has little to do with the uric acid that has become crystallized and is now residing in connective tissue. This uric acid cannot be measured. These crystals are always there in a solid form, "melting" when the levels in the blood will allow, and adding to the build up when levels in the blood become too high for the blood to carry. These deposits are what migrate into the joint causing the acute gout attack. When the tissue is full, and your food indulgences produce more uric acid than the blood can hold, the uric acid starts to crystallize between bone joints.

    People who suffer with Gout commonly overproduce Uric Acid, or under excrete it. In extreme cases, a person may fall into both categories, causing severe Gout attacks, repeatedly. Blood serum testing will not show the amount of Uric Acid crystallized in connective tissue. This insoluble amount is the culprit ready to incite the next Acute Gout Attack.

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