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Key Points About Uric Acid Testing:

  • Blood tests can be very misleading

  • Joint Fluid aspiration could be more

  • The crystals jabbing at the joints
    cannot be seen in the blood

  • Many factors can alter testing

  • All of these problems can be
    resolved the same way- all naturally!

  • Treating the Inflammation itself
    regardless of the diagnosis is key!

  • Uric Acid and Gout Testing

    Have you found yourself at the doctor with excruciating pain, pain like nothing you've ever felt before? They send you for blood labs to determine the cause of your pain. Your uric acid levels read "normal".

    Phew!! No Gout, right? Wrong!

    Blood tests can reveal the concentration of uric acid in your system. However, while you are under an attack your blood could potentially read quite normal. Over 60% of patients presenting with acute gouty arthritis symptoms have uric acid levels of <8mg/dl. Measuring serum uric acid levels while under an attack may not be too helpful in a diagnostic sense. Why? The crystals relentlessly jabbing at your joints are NOT in a soluble form at that time. While one could experience both high blood levels AND an attack at the same time (a bit more frightening), it isn't very likely.

    Conversely, when someone begins taking a successful all natural product, the blood levels can actually rise as the body begins releasing storages it was previously unable to process and excrete. While you wouldn't want those levels to remain high forever -- an initial, true cleansing could actually yield deceptively high serum blood results.

    Blood testing can be very misleading, overall. Other factors capable of creating a false narrative for your test results include:

  • Alcohol
  • certain medications (Aspirin and Ibuprofen)
  • High levels of Vitamin C
  • Dyes used in x-ray tests
  • Eating and drinking within hours of testing
  • Fasting (releases purines from stored fat and creates new uric acid production rather quickly which could cause temporary blood spikes)
  • Certain Supplements that help breakdown uric acid storages (could alter the testing)

  • The good news? You don't have to continue to be confused about how to end your discomfort for good.

    -- You don't have to resort to a lifelong sentence of dangerous prescription medications.

    -- You don't have to have a definitive diagnosis to change what is happening to you and end your pain and frustration.

    How? Whether they think you have Arthritis, Gout, Osteoarthritis, Undiagnosed Joint Pain.....the approach is the same if you wish to go the natural route. Treat the inflammation at the root of the pain, and you will address all else.

    The inflammation is what causes the pain. The body becomes inflamed when there are imbalances present and unable to be dealt with. Diet, water, and supplements can 100% reverse your situation.

    You want a quick fix? Take the drugs. You want a permanent solution? Heal your body.

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