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Kevin Eric Smith ,

Gout Sufferers: Is Allopurinol Safe and Effective?

Have you ever taken note of the long list of side effect warnings that come with prescription medications? I'm sure the answer is, an unequivocal, YES!

Have we been programmed to ignore these warnings because they are so forthright with stating them, no matter how quickly they run through this long and dirty list in a commercial?

So many of us are looking for quick fixes, especially when it comes to this excruciatingly painful condition. When that Gout attack hits we are pretty much willing to cut off a limb to ease the pain. Does that make us more susceptible to taking a prescription without even knowing what it could do to us? Sadly, many of us are at the mercy of both our health conditions and the trust for our physicians to do what is right for us.

What concerns me the most about our Gout medication options is that many of the side effects happen to involve the very organs and functions of the body that are already causing the Gout problems in the first place. For example, Gout is typically connected to inadequacies involving the kidneys and/or liver that leads to the under-excretion of uric acid. Yet, Allopurinol specifically warns of its potential negative impact on both of those organs and goes as far as to state NOT to take it if you are suffering from any problems in those areas.

Do our physicians accurately gauge the condition of either or both of these vital organs before handing us this prescription?

From a personal perspective, my father developed drug-induced Hepatitis from only 5 years of Allopurinol use. I think we need to be very careful and very aware of how we are treating this disease and make sure all options are on the table. Many physicians are quick to dismiss the all natural supplement options, and barely have interest in addressing general diet and lifestyle contributions. It is not their fault as this is not part of the study and training. While all natural supplements and accurate dietary guidance have worked their way into some practices, we are still in the infancy of this knowledge and awareness.

Are you confused about your Gout Control options?

Confused about what to eat and how to stop the pain?

Here is a great, FREE evaluation option. These specialists take the time to understand YOUR personal Gout situation. Everything you do, eat, and drink is carefully considered and compared to your history and experiences with Gout attacks. The feedback is thorough and easy to understand.

Gout Health & Diet Evaluation

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