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Kevin Eric Smith ,

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Salt is essential for life, yet almost all commercial table and cooking salts have been "chemically cleaned" and reduced to sodium chloride -- an unnatural chemical.

To help your body function properly, you need salt complete with all-natural elements.

After years of searching, we have found the purest salt available on earth that's
uncontaminated with any toxins or pollutants -- Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt!

NEW EZ-pour 16oz Coarse Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt Bag
40052Regular price: $15.95Sale Price: $12.95Quantity:

NEW EZ-pour 16oz Pink Himalayan Salt Bag  with Refillable Grinder
NEW EZ-pour 16oz Pink Himalayan Salt Bag  with Refillable Grinder

We cannot live without salt, it is essential for life. Choosing the right salt is equally as important. Table salt contains unhealthy chemicals, iodine, and is dried at an excessive heat ultimately ruining its natural chemical structure.

Table salt is found in almost all processed foods. While steering clear of unhealthy food choices is recommended, the last thing we need to do is add even more of this unhealthy salt to our fresh foods.

NEW EZ-pour 16oz Pink Himalayan Salt Bag with Refillable Grinder
40054Regular price: $17.95Sale Price: $13.95Quantity:

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