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Kevin Eric Smith ,

If you suffer with Gout Attacks then:

1) Excess uric acid is the problem.

2)Uric acid is produced from the breakdown of purines.

3) Purines come from two sources - food and our body's cells.

4) Gout = Too Much Uric Acid

5) Too Much Uric Acid = Overproduction and/or Under Excretion

6) Overproduction = Overly acidic/imbalanced diet and body cells dying at an alarmingly rapid rate. 70% of the production stems from our dying cells - see this link for more info.

7) Under excretion = Poor kidney function, poor intestinal health (probiotics a must), and an overly acidic diet (low pH of urine).

8) Constant Gout Attacks = Both Overproduction and Under Excretion

9) Uric acid under-excretion causes the system to have to fight for the removal of hydrogen and ammonia from the blood, both of which are deadly. Uric acid is not! Uric acid metabolism is a function of the liver and is a potent and very necessary antioxidant in the body.

10) When there are not enough micro-flora (probiotics) to break down sugars from food, then large amounts of hydrogen are produced in the intestines. A highly acidic diet has the same effect as well.

11) Ammonia is produced by the same substances as uric acid, protein rich foods and the cells in our body.

12) There are any number of reasons why the average human today lacks the trillions of micro-flora (probiotics) needed for digestion and a healthy immune response of the intestines. Proper levels even protect you from food poisoning and viruses such as the flu.

13) Even the most perfect diet still lacks essential vitamins necessary to protect the cells in the body. Dying cells = Excess Uric Acid Production while Better Nutrition = Cell Protection

14) These supplements help increase cell life, eliminate uric acid, reduce ammonia build up, increase liver function, and reduce hydrogen in the system. By doing so they are able to aid in keeping uric acid from crystalizing and causing the dreaded "Gout Attack".

Contact us by email Customer Service and we will assist you with personal gout healing help.

**Please be sure to select which Friendly Fighters you would like with the package. The automatic default is our Friendly Fighter Pro with 2 Billion live cells.**

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Gout Stop with Booklet (comming soon)

Gout Stop with Booklet (comming soon)
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Gout Stop without Booklet (comming soon)
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