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Kevin Eric Smith ,

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Friendly Fighters Pro® -- Three Months Probiotic Supply
Friendly Fighter 90 count label70% of your immune system is in your digestive tract. Do you have enough friendly bacteria to handle this task? The Probiotic Therapy page provides complete details on how to fight back!

90 Capsules Per Bottle
Uniquely Selected Viable Strains
Enhances The Body's Natural Defenses
Guaranteed 2 Billion Cells Per Minicap*
Superior Quality - Stomach By-Pass - Low CPD
3 Month Supply In Each Bottle
Produces Lactase Helping Lactose Intolerance

Micro-Encapsulated Friendly Fighters Pro®

Our guarantee states that 2 billion viable cells will survive the stomach acids in order to take residence in the intestines and do their jobs. 20% of our population have health conditions that contribute to a higher level of stomach acids and intestinal disorders that cause a lower level of probiotics to survive the stomach and duodenum.

Friendly Fighters Pro Probiotic: 90 Count
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