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Kevin Eric Smith ,

Oh no! Santa has the Gout.....

How to survive the Christmas and Holiday Season if you suffer with Gout

A beacon has been sent out from the North Pole summonsing a doctor to come and see what could possibly be wrong with Santa. He can barely move his foot without pure agony. The weight of his bed cover alone is sending him through the roof in pain. Mrs. Claus is distraught. Mr. Claus is running a fever, he has the chills, and his big toe is as red and shiny as Rudolph's nose.

The doc arrives:

Mrs. Claus: "Doc, what is wrong with my husband? Do you know Christmas Eve is right around the corner!?"

Doc: "I'm not exactly sure, but if I had to guess, I'd say Santa's got the Gout."

Mr. & Mrs. Claus: "THE GOUT? How? Why? What can we do?

Doc: "I've consulted with my good friends over at Alternative Health Research. They have over 20 years of knowledge and experience in this field and happen to be experts on everything related to Gout. Here are some insights....."

"It looks like Santa has put on a decent amount of weight in recent months," said Doc.

The Mrs.: "Well, you know plumping the 'big guy' up before the big night is always the plan."

Doc: "Obesity can affect the heart, blood flow, friendly bacteria levels and nutrient assimilation appointing excess strain on these organs and their essential functions. As a result, extra uric acid production is common. Moreover, the typical diet involved in obesity cases is rarely conducive to healthy uric acid balance."

"Well, his diet has been full of rich foods and LOTS of sugar lately," said the Mrs.

Doc: "Sugar is a lurid offender. Fructose increases uric acid through a complex process that causes cells to burn up their ATP rapidly, leading to "cell shock" and increased cell death (remember 70% of uric acid production comes from the death of your cells!) After eating excessive amounts of fructose, cells become starved of energy and enter a state of shock, just as if they have lost their blood supply. Massive cellular die-off leads to increased uric acid levels. Uric acid can also shut down the production of nitric oxide, a substance needed to protect our artery walls from damage."

"It's easy to assume the big guy has also been under a lot of stress?" "Naturally," said the Mrs.

Doc: "Stress is very acidic to the body, stripping vital nutrients such as Vitamin B5. B5 helps the body to excrete excess Uric Acid posing a much higher risk for Gout suffers to experience an attack during stressful times in their life. Unabated stress can cause a myriad of problems, as you can see."

Doc: "Well, I think we all know Santa has been drinking plenty of milk. But what about water?"

Mrs. Claus: "I've been telling him about the importance of proper hydration! He has been complaining for weeks about shooting pains and achy joints. I warned him that something was brewing. I told him that NO other liquids, except for water, truly count towards proper hydration."

Doc: "A continuous flow and a reliable source of water is essential to every part of our body and our health. Water makes up the majority of our blood in order to provide oxygen, nutrients, remove waste, and carry out the day to day processes within our body. The vast majority of the population is dehydrated, and likely aren't even aware of the threat. Chronic dehydration poses a serious risk to our health, with symptoms ranging from mild to life-threatening. "

Santa: "This is a lot to take in."

Doc: "It can be overwhelming when you consider how many different things can affect the cells in our body, and how your Gout developed in the first place. Many fail to understand that a Gout attack is a culmination of several events and consumption that eventually lead up to that breaking point. There may be a high purine food that seems to have been the sole culprit, when truly it just so happened to be the one thing that tipped the already existing build up over, subsequently "spilling over" into the acute Gout attack. Alternative Health Research has a ton of great, and FREE, information on this site (even without purchase.) Their products and program are second to none. They've been experts on Gout since 1998 and have distributors in Asia, South Pacific, South Africa and Europe. Their distributors were all once customers who started their own distribution due to their own personal Gout Control success! Here are some more great resources of information:"

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