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Kevin Eric Smith ,

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  • Supports Eye Health*

  • Potent Free Radical Scavenger*

  • Healthy Immune System Response*

  • Vegetarian Formula

  • Are you taking this powerful antioxidant each day? If not, learn why you should be!

    Astaxanthin is a naturally occurring carotenoid with a unique structure that is known to be a potent, free radical scavenger. Astaxanthin has shown to be 6000 times greater than Vitamin C and 11 times stronger than beta-carotene. This powerful antioxidant is capable of hunting and eliminating rogue cells in the body. Unlike beta-carotene, Astaxanthin freely crosses the blood-brain and blood-retina barriers, where it can neutralize free radicals in the eye and central nervous system. Another unique quality that this powerhouse holds is the ability to protect both water-soluble and fat-soluble parts of a cell. Scientific studies also demonstrate that Astaxanthin can support the body's healthy and balanced immune system responses.*

    How does Astaxanthin affect our health and energy levels?

    Have you ever been curious about Salmon's ability to swim upstream to spawn? Did you know they often go for days without food, yet make their way upstream for hundreds of miles drawing on their own reserves? This endurance is said to come from Astaxanthin, implicating its ability to increase strength and stamina, reduce recovery time, and even prevent joint and muscle soreness after exercise. Many competitive athletes have come to believe in the power of Astaxanthin and rely on its ability to help reduce lactic acid buildup during intense exercise.*

    Astaxanthin holds broad health implications and said to also be a powerful anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. Studies have shown it to help fight fatigue, joint pain, support eye health, clean up our body's cells, provide natural sunscreen and glowing skin, and even shown to help lower blood pressure.*

    Astaxanthin is one of few antioxidants capable of penetrating the retinal barrier in our eyes. This can offer us a wide-range of benefits for vision related problems including:

  • Glaucoma
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Cataracts
  • Diabetic Retinopathy and more

  • Astaxanthin has shown to suppress a variety of inflammatory mediators, including TNF-a and COX-1 and 2 enzymes. While its effects take longer to produce when compared to NSAIDS, the results don't include the dangerous side effects that come along with such prescription drugs. All natural anti-inflammatories may take longer to work, but they gently tweak a much broader range of inflammatory composites as opposed to the job of a drug that generally only aims to block a single target molecule.

    With evidence showing that Astaxanthin can decrease oxidative stress and inflammation, we can conclude that this antioxidant warrants potential promise to the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Studies have shown it to help improve blood flow, decrease BP, increase HDL cholesterol and lower the bad (LDL), and decrease oxidation of the bad cholesterol that contributes to plaque build up. More recent studies are even showing promise in anti-tumor effects in the fight against Cancer.

    Can't I obtain Astaxanthin naturally through my diet choices, like Salmon?

    Yes.......and no. Synthetic varieties are more common than not, unfortunately. Fish farmers have been adding synthetic astaxanthin in an effort to obtain that attractive and fresh "salmon" color from otherwise dangerous mass production efforts that yield unhealthy results. Unless you are eating fresh, and very expensive, Wild Pacific Salmon, you aren't likely even coming close to your daily needs. Even still, you would need to eat approximately 4oz per day just to acquire what one 4mg supplement would provide.

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    Astaxanthin 4mg - 60 Vegetarian Softgels
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