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New & Improved Friendly Fighters Probiotics (**new size option and now with double micro-encapsulation)

70% of your immune system is in your digestive tract. Do you have enough friendly bacteria to handle this task? The Probiotic Therapy page provides complete details on how to fight back!

90 Capsules Per Bottle
Five Uniquely Selected Viable Strains
Enhance's The Body's Natural Defenses
Guaranteed 10 Billion Strains Per Minicap*
Superior Quality - Stomach By-Pass - Low CPD
3 Month Supply In Each Bottle
Produces Lactase Helping Lactose Intolerance

  • High Potency Micro-Encapsulated Probiotic

  • Packed with oxygen absorbers and salt packs for prolonged freshness

  • This 3-month supply will cost you less than $9.00 a month for amazing health benefits and beyond

    Friendly Fighters® Probiotic: 90 Count 1331$26.95, 2-for-$50.00Quantity:

  • **After extensive research conducted on our Friendly Fighters Probiotic, we've discovered that some changes were necessary to insure our ability to meet our guaranteed standards.

    Our guarantee states that 10 billion viable cells will survive the stomach acids in order to take residence in the intestines and do their jobs. 20% of our population have health conditions that contribute to a higher level of stomach acids and intestinal disorders that cause a lower level of probiotics to survive the stomach and duodenum.

    To combat these undesirable, acidic environments we have:

    - increased the Micro-Encapsulation of the individual probiotics from one to two coatings
    - increased the active live cells by 50%

    These changes had a minimal impact on the pricing, but did change slightly.

    Please note: Due to these enhancements our suggestion to begin with two probiotics during the first month will no longer be necessary. The new bottle sizes will now easily provide exact 30, 90, and 120 day supplies.