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Chlorine / Gout and Friendly Bacteria

Chlorinated Water


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Long-term risks of consuming chlorinated water includes excessive free radical formation (which accelerates aging), increases vulnerability to genetic mutation and cancer development, causes difficulty metabolizing cholesterol, and promotes hardening of arteries.

Taking a warm shower or lounging in a hot tub filled with chlorinated water, one inhales chloroform. Even worse, warm water opens the pores, causing the skin to act like a sponge. One will absorb and inhale more chlorine in a 10-minute shower, than by drinking eight glasses of the same water. This irritates the eyes, sinuses, throat, skin, and the lungs. Additionally, it makes the hair and scalp dry, worsening dandruff. It can also weaken immunity.

Excess free radicals created by chlorinated water create dangerous toxins in the body. These have been directly linked to liver malfunction, weakening of the immune system and pre-arteriosclerotic changes in arteries (which, as we saw, struck Dr. Price's cockerels and may have happened to American soldiers in Korea and Vietnam). Excess free radicals have been linked to alterations of cellular DNA, the matter of inheritance.

Chlorine also destroys antioxidant vitamin E, which is needed to counteract excess oxysterols/free radicals for cardiac and anti-cancer protection.

A study in the late 1970s found that chlorinated water appears to increase the risk of gastrointestinal cancer over a person's lifetime by 50 to 100 percent. This study analyzed thousands of cancer deaths in North Carolina, Illinois, Wisconsin and Louisiana. Risk of such forms of cancer results from use of water containing chlorine at or below the E.P.A. (Environmental Protection Agency) standard and "is going to make the E.P.A. standard look ridiculous," stated Dr. Robert Harris, lead scientist in the study.

Later, a meta-analysis found chlorinated water is associated each year in America with about 4,200 cases of bladder cancer and 6,500 cases of rectal cancer. Chlorine is estimated to account for 9 percent of bladder cancer cases and 18% of rectal cancers. Those cancers develop because the bladder and rectum store waste products for periods of time (keeping the bowels moving regularly will minimize such risk). Chlorinated water is also associated with higher total risk of combined cancers. Chlorine in treated water can cause allergic symptoms ranging from a skin rash to intestinal symptoms to arthritis, headaches, and more.

How can chlorine in water cause Gout symptoms? It destroys protective acidophilus, which nourishes and collaborates with the immunity-strengthening "friendly" organisms lining the colon. As mentioned earlier, chlorine combines with organic impurities in the water to make trihalomethanes (THMs), or chloramines. The more organic matter, the more THMs; and like excess oxysterols, they are carcinogens. 30% of all uric acid is expelled through the bowels, with the help of "friendly" organisms (Bifidobacterium bifidum and Lactobacillus acidophilus).

Recent research has found a new hazard in chlorinated water, a byproduct called MX. A research team from the National Public Health Institute in Finland discovered that by causing genetic mutations, MX initiates cancer in laboratory animals. The DCA (dichloro-acedic-acid) found in chlorinated water also alters cholesterol metabolism, changing HDL (good) to LDL (bad) cholesterol, and causes liver cancer in laboratory animals. Liver health, cholesterol, insulin resistance, gout, and a proper working digestive system are all interrelated.

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